Friday, June 1, 2012

New toys, huzzah!

Oh boy, I've been a lazy blogger lately... but it's all my lovely new Droid Bionic's fault. Yes, I finally gave in and jumped on the smartphone bandwagon. After years of swearing I didn't need to be connected all the time, I just couldn't live without Angry Birds and Instagram any longer!

If you'd like to follow me on instagram, my username is darthpickles! 
I also managed to score a sweet deal at Verizon and get a lapdock for $50, which I am happily using at the moment! 

So what's your favorite app? Any recommendations for me?


  1. Haha, I'm still in the resisting-stages, it's getting harder though with al those great apps I'm hearing about!

  2. I gave in recently and got an iPhone. Well, I didn't really give in. I very patiently waited for my contract to end so I could upgrade. It was long-awaited. And Instagram is everything I hoped it'd be!

  3. Oh good luck! They're terribly addicting... but I can't seem to live with out the silly things! and don't worry your little one will be able to figure it all out before you know it (somehow... I'll never understand it... Christopher knows how to start music playing on mine!)

  4. I was the same way LoL Now I don't know what Id do without my smartphone or Instagram! Haha I love that scarf, super cute.