Friday, February 8, 2013

What I Wore: Boho Kind of Day

maxi skirt // thrifted
vintage button-up // thrifted (and borrowed from Husband...)
cardigan // Old Navy
infinity scarf // gift from Sister in law
moccassins // Minnetonka
deer ring // Target
bracelets // handmade gifts from Brother in law

I've said it before, I'll say it again- I am a hippie girl at heart. There's something so familiar and easy about throwing on a flowy peasant skirt, especially now that the whole maxi skirt look is in style! And I seriously take advantage of any opportunity to wear my Minnetonka boots- I just love them. I've had them for about seven years now and they still look new (except for the lace that I broke the other day... my bad). I've been totally forgoing straightening my hair for awhile now and I'm actually starting to like my hair again... people, if I ever mention being tempted to cut my hair again, slap me. I am so much more comfortable with long hair and I always forget that! I can't believe it's Friday again already- this week flew by! Happy weekend, folks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Findings #4

1// This amazingly perfect to-die-for 1950's style kitchen. I can just see myself donning a cute vintage apron and baking pies in there!!
via: Retro Renovation
2// This adorable outfit. How darling are those little gloves?!
via: kitsune-kun
3// I'm still obsessing a bit over menswear, and this tumblr is providing me with both style and inspiration and a good chuckle.
via: Menswear Dog
4// This perfectly lovely little mint green shelf. I would totally put it on my bathroom wall to display my nail polish!
via: Urban Outfitters
5// This super tasty recipe for chicken gnocchi soup. We had a pretty heavy snowfall last night and this soup really hit the spot at lunch today. It was delicious and super easy!
via: Pass the Sushi
Happy Weekend everyone! Stay warm & toasty!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Webbling Snow Day

Last week, we had our first (and probably only) sprinkling of snow. Layla, of course, insisted on going out to play as soon as she looked out the window. I was hesitant, as it literally was a sprinkling... and I knew it would mostly mean rolling around in the cold mud and tracking it all back into the apartment after about 20 minutes. However, I couldn't resist the look in her eyes (she's really good at that puppy eyes thing) and I highly doubt she'll get another opportunity to play in the snow this winter. I bundled the girls and myself up, and out we went!
Tesla wasn't quite sure what to make of the stuff- so she mostly ended up just eating it. 
I didn't have any snow attire in Tesla's size... so I had to just put her in one of Layla's old snowsuits and jackets. She was just like Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story! As soon as I sat her down she just kinda plopped over and couldn't do much about it. 
Snow Angels! 
She looks like a fat pink caterpillar. 
She kept just sticking her tongue out and feeling the cool air, I couldn't stop laughing at her! 
Layla thought the icicles hanging off the cars were so neat- she even insisted on keeping this one "for Daddy." It's still in our freezer!  
Mommy and the snow bunnies! 
Layla saw Tesla eating the snow and figured she should try it too, just in case it was really tasty.
I'm glad I gave in and took them out... even though it was short-lived, they had so much fun and coming inside to hot cocoa and a warm bath just made it even better. Sometimes it's difficult for me to get over my anxieties and just GET OUT of the house, but I'm usually glad when I do. This was definitely one of those times! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I Wore: Black & Grey Snow Day

pea coat - Old Navy
infinity scarf - gift from my sis-in-law
fingerless gloves - Target
gray cardi - found
vintage dress - thrifted
gray over the knee socks - H&M
wellies - Target
bag - yard sale
bug brooch - yard sale

I've been making a bigger effort lately to actually attempt to look fashionable again. I wore this to a housewarming party, and we had a babysitter, so I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a dress! I know that's weird, but when you have to nurse a baby every few hours or so, a dress is usually not an option. I have a pretty great collection of brooches and I don't actually wear them as often as I should. I scored this one in a bag of assorted jewelry at a yard sale and thought it was pretty unique. It's unfortunately missing a wing but I don't think it's terribly obvious. It was so, so cold this day- I actually had fleece-lined tights under my socks! I've been skipping the hair straightener lately, what do you guys think? Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!