Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore: Heat Wave

sunglasses - thrifted
earrings - yard sale
deer ring - Target
striped top - H&M
dress - Old Navy
shoes - thrifted

Whew! It's been a serious scorcher of a week. It's the kind of heat that makes going outside totally unbearable. I almost didn't even take these photos. I hate, hate, hate getting sweaty, and it's so hot that even stepping outside for a moment causes me to sweat like a dude! (Sorry, that's gross!) Anywho, I also didn't want to waste a cute outfit so I braved the elements and snapped a few very quick photos outside of my parents house! 

I didn't actually wear this for anything important - just a trip to the grocery store! I know this is probably overdressed just to go grocery shopping, but I spend most of my days in t-shirts and yoga pants, and sometimes I just can't stand being such a slob anymore! I used to make it a point to get dressed up nearly every day but with two little ones, it's just a hassle most of the time! My selection of what to wear is also pretty limited at the moment, between most of it not quite fitting and having to wear something that has easy access for nursing. (I really miss being able to just throw a cute vintage dress on!) Originally when I put this on I thought it would be easy enough to nurse in but it ended up being a huge pain! Oh well. 

I'm also sporting a new do! I had my mom go ahead and cut my hair into a nicely layered bob (I wanted something along the lines of this). I'm still working on styling it the way I want, but it's not half bad! I think I'll like it a little more once it's grown out a bit... and I would really like to grow it back out LONG. I miss my super long Zooey Deschanel hair so bad! I'm considering coloring just the blonde part of my bangs in a wild color, like teal perhaps... should I take the plunge?? 

Before I scoot, here's my post for Rachele's "I'm proud of my size" link-up. If you haven't already heard about it, please check it out! She's fantastic and amazing and this link-up has been a huge source of inspiration and a big confidence booster for me personally! 

Toodles for now darlings!


  1. I LOVE your hair!!! 90 degree days like this make me half tempted to cut mine into a bob again as well. The bangs look so pretty as is, but teal would be super cute too.

    I have a dress like this in brown, and it's the most perfect thing for these kind of days. You look great Aarika!! (I really want to work the size link-up into one of my posts in the coming weeks - such a cool idea)

  2. I don't believe you can be over dressed to go to the grocery store. The way I look at it, those folks are stuck in the store all day, putting things back on shelves and being generally bored. Give them a good show. You are probably the prettiest thing they saw all day. :)

  3. I love your deer ring, so cute!! :)

  4. I love your outfit and your whole blog! I'm excited to be a new follower!

  5. This outfit is wonderful, and your hair looks super rad. Sigh, to have bangs like that.

  6. I love your outfit- that dress is perfect for layering and probably so comfy but cute! Awesome glasses too!

  7. Your mom did a great job on your hair! Love it! Thanks for participating <3