Friday, November 23, 2012

Lately on Instagram

1} Layla likes to hold hands with Tesla in the car. Tesla doesn't always want to have her hand held, so I had to be super quick to catch this rare moment of sisterly love! 
2} Whenever I'm feeling stressed, I like to make hemp jewelry. I'm running super low on beads and hemp at the moment, so I've had to get really creative with how to throw things together and I was actually really pleased with the results! I ended up giving these two bracelets to my besties.
3} This Layla's "happy face." She very rarely actually looks at the camera so when I want to take her picture I usually have to say "show me your happiest face!" Apparently, this is it.
4} Layla is NOT a morning person. Even after she finally gets up, she usually curls back up on the couch with a few blankets and continues to snooze for awhile. Sometimes I'm envious of how small she is and how cozy it must be to be so small! 
5} My outfit for my birthday dinner! I actually do lay my outfits out on my bed like this beforehand to evaluate which accessories will look best and it occurred to me what a pretty picture it would make on this particular day. 
6} On my actual birthday I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a daily self portrait, as a sort of 365 project... I realized about a week into it that 99% of the time, I'm just wearing pajamas and I don't do anything with my hair or makeup, and nobody really wants to see that, ha. 
7} I had a hankering one night for something sweet, so I whipped up these no-bake cookies I saw on Pinterest. They're basically just corn flakes, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, and they were DELISH. Maybe I'll post the recipe later this week?
8} This little cutie has such a fascination with shoes. If she's playing on the floor, the first thing she does is make a beeline straight for some shoes, whether they're on someone's feet or not. I have a feeling she's going to be a total shoe addict when she's older! 


  1. Those cookies look amazing! Your babies are just too darn cute.

  2. the kids are so cute! I love how all the photos are colorful and bright!