Monday, May 21, 2012

corners of my home

My home is almost never 100% clean. I'll usually have the kitchen, bathroom, and living room relatively tidy, and the bedrooms are a disaster, or vice versa. With two youngins (one of which does not like to be put down, ever) it's a rarity to have a totally tidy home. So while you'll most likely never get a "full" tour of my little apartment, I'd like to share little snippets of my favorite nooks and crannies. We're also hoping to move soon (fingers crossed) and it'll be nice to have these photos to remember what our first home as a family looked like!

Starting with the living room...

My lovely antique hutch given to me by my mother-in-law. It's mostly occupied by a small portion of my owl collection, along with some other keepsakes, antique books, photos, and knickknacks. 

An antique dresser that belonged to my grandparents holds my sewing caddy, bowls for keys and change, an empty candy dish (the candy wouldn't last long with a toddler) and some vintage cameras. 

Two little owls on a shelf that I'm especially fond of... a short backstory of why this little guy taking flight is one of my favorites- Timmy hung him from the rearview mirror and put my engagement ring on his foot when he proposed!

One of my favorite walls... I just really like the way we hung these pictures... yes, I like owls, how did you know? (You literally can't look in any direction in my house without seeing multiple owls, it's borderline creepy.)

The ledge between my living room and kitchen... canisters, vases with branches, some votives and other goodies (and more owls of course).

On the the hallway...

Our little record player "nook," which for some reason is probably my favorite part of the house!

Some of our albums...

A little skunk friend on the record player.

I call this "Timmy's shelf of many things."

Just one from the bathroom (it's not that special).

A really unique bookshelf I inherited from my grandparents is just right for my towels and 3 white stone tea light candles.

Our bedroom, which is usually the messiest in the house...

Some recycled bottles and jars. As I post more you'll start to realize I have a serious bottle/jar hoarding problem. (Thank you, Pinterest.)

Some antique dishes and a teacup are home for a small portion of my jewelry. 

One of the shelves on the headboard of our bed, which I promise I will actually take a picture of one day when it's not embarrassingly messy. (It's gorgeous!) That's my sister and me in the picture.

Layla and Tesla's room...

Layla's bookshelf- she loves to be read to, and pretend to read herself.

Our family dollies. We need a Tesla dolly!

The girls' vintage dresses hang on an antique quilt rack. I just love how sweet they look on their kitschy vintage hangers!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home!


  1. I feel that way with my house too....the moment I clean it all up, the moment it gets to be a mess again with a two year old little boy in the house:) I love all your owls!!!! I have some in my house too, but no where near as big of a collection. Your house is adorable! xx Marisa

  2. i love all of the small details! and you can never go wrong with antiques ;)
    xo TJ

  3. you've got some great little knickknacks in there! i'm enamored. all the owls have taken a little piece of my heart. truly. xo.

  4. Mine isn't really that clean too often, either. It's hard with kids! Haha.

    I love all the owls you have. Quite the collection!

  5. Your house looks like it is so full of treasures!! I love it!

  6. Eep...the skunk is too cute!
    And those hangers :)