Friday, August 17, 2012

Style Inspiration: I love the 90's

Folks, I have been on a major 90's movie/tv show kick as of late. I've been feeling especially inspired by the awesome 90's fashion, though truth be told it makes me feel really old, because I guess they're officially calling that "vintage" too now... and I grew up in the 90's! Yes, I totally rocked the baggy overalls, plaid flannel, flowy floral dresses, and copious amounts of burgundy and hunter green. Let's be honest though, not ALL the trends of the 90's were fabulous, there was definitely some runoff from the late 80's, and in my humble opinion the 80's were just plain tacky... and not in a good way. I think it's just a rule to abhor the generation you were born in. I was born in 1984 and the style from back then just makes me gag! Anyway, some of the movies and shows I've been inspired by lately are...

  1. My So-Called Life - I hadn't watched this since I was probably 14, and holy moly, did it get me feeling nostalgic! Even back then, I remember coveting everything that Angela wore.
  2. Reality Bites - I actually just saw this for the first time this week- loved it! I'm sort of a sucker for anything Winona Ryder is in, and I want everything Janeane Garofalo is wearing in the above picture... and her super short bangs.
  3. Singles - I adore Bridget Fonda in this movie. I kinda feel like I need her hat. And a leather jacket. And sweet boots. And a grungey Matt Dillon on my arm perhaps...
2. Vintage Guess Boots from James Rowland Shop
3. Vintage Lee Flannel Shirt from Dear Bones Trading Co.
4. Vintage Cappagallo Blazer from ReMixx Vintage
5. Vintage Straw Bowler Hat from Lactose Intoler-Art
6. Vintage O'Malley Sunglasses from American Deadstock
7. Vintage Tapestry Boots from James Rowland Shop

Are there any movies or TV shows from the 90's that inspire you? What's on your 90's fashion wishlist?


  1. Yeah it's hard to believe stuff from the 90s is now vintage. I will forever love Doc Martins (and I need to see if I still have mine somewhere!).

  2. Oh my gosh, YES! I adore the 90s. The only movie/tv show that is so obviously missing from that list is Empire Records. I mean, come on, how awesome are all of their clothes in that movie? And the music. Oh! The music. This post has definitely inspired a 90s movie night or perhaps an entire day!! (I'll make it a rainy day activity, so I don't feel too guilty about it.)

  3. You just watched Reality bites for the first time!!!! Love that movie and have an eternal love for the 90's! Janeane Garofalo's whole wardrobe throughout the movie is just awesome!


  4. I love My so called Life, and have watched it again recently too. Another good one is Before Sunrise, it has Ethan Hawke and he can be so cringe in that movie sometimes, but it's just the best x

  5. You're so right! The 90's had some fabulous things going on (especially burgundy and hunter green and lace up boots and flannel plaid and... oh yeah, a lot).. I love the little list you put together.

  6. Can I just say - I actually miss the 90s a bit! LOVED My So Called Life, Party of Five, etc. etc. etc. Dawson's Creek...yep, all those shows :) The movies were the best - and who could forgot about the little daisy dresses worn with boots and chokers. I feel so old at times to, b/c these were my high school years! I most definitely wouldn't mind getting my hands on those tapestry boots. xo Marisa

  7. I was just waxing nostalgic the other day (while vegging out to a rerun episode of Friends, of course!). When Friends first aired, I remember that I was the awkward girl with Nirvana lyrics scrawled across the tips of her Chuck Taylors, flannel shirts with the arms cut out, that season that I died my hair pink... oh. my. goodness. Those were the days.