Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Photos

Boy, oh boy. Last week, we got together with some family to do family pictures. (We literally had NO pictures of all four of us together!) I spent all day preparing myself and the girls, picking outfits, attempting to get my hair under control, etc. I had saved SO many cute family photo ideas on Pinterest to utilize. Obviously, it was a bust. My sister in law managed to snap a couple of photos before Layla was 100% done, and even those were "meh." The first one is the only one I thought was half decent and Layla is stubbornly refusing to look at the camera, and Tesla is doing something vulgar (ha). Layla is just not into having her picture taken. Any other moms out there with genius ideas on how to get a toddler to cooperate for pictures?? 


  1. haha...I hadn't noticed what Tesla was doing until you pointed it out :)
    The only way to get my boys in pictures is by letting them (read bribing them with) a goofy face picture contest after they take some nice ones, secretly the silly ones are usually my favorites though, but if we don't have any regular ones for the in-laws they go crazy :/

  2. That last one is great! I love your dress and the way it looks against that old building.

  3. I love your hair and your dress! and you have such a cute little family!