Friday, November 9, 2012

A Very Happy Halloween

I'm only 9 days behind schedule! The Webblings had a pretty fantastic Halloween. I had come up with all kinds of cute, matching family costume ideas... but Layla insisted early on that she just HAD to be a butterfly. She's at that age where she's forming her own ideas and opinions and really sticking to them!
In my search for butterfly costume ideas, I stumbled upon Stacy Hart's adorable little ladies, who just happened to be right around the same age as my Webblings when they dressed up as a butterfly and caterpillar. I just knew it would be perfect!
Stacy's girls- aren't they precious?! (via Hart & Sew)

For Layla's butterfly costume, I decided to reuse the vintage bodysuit from last year's Little Bo Peep costume, picked up some cheapy wings from Target, and fancied them up myself. Throw in some pom pom and pipe cleaner antennae, and she's ready to go! For Tesla's caterpillar, I attached some pipe cleaner and pom pom legs to a vintage sleeper and made her some antennae as well. I pulled the whole thing together over a couple of days for basically $0, because I already had everything I needed! I decided last minute to throw on a petal headband and a green 70's prom dress and be a "flower." I couldn't just not dress up!

I hope everyone had a Halloween as jolly as ours. Have a great weekend!

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  1. The three of you are just beyond cute! You did such a good job of turning things you already had into their costumes!