Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Findings #4

1// This amazingly perfect to-die-for 1950's style kitchen. I can just see myself donning a cute vintage apron and baking pies in there!!
via: Retro Renovation
2// This adorable outfit. How darling are those little gloves?!
via: kitsune-kun
3// I'm still obsessing a bit over menswear, and this tumblr is providing me with both style and inspiration and a good chuckle.
via: Menswear Dog
4// This perfectly lovely little mint green shelf. I would totally put it on my bathroom wall to display my nail polish!
via: Urban Outfitters
5// This super tasty recipe for chicken gnocchi soup. We had a pretty heavy snowfall last night and this soup really hit the spot at lunch today. It was delicious and super easy!
via: Pass the Sushi
Happy Weekend everyone! Stay warm & toasty!


  1. Wicked blog, please check out mine if you fancy.

  2. awwww I love kitsune-kun! Always such gorgeous outfits and photos!

  3. Oh wow- I seriously love that kitchen! Those mint green shelves are pretty awesome too :)