Thursday, January 31, 2013

Webbling Snow Day

Last week, we had our first (and probably only) sprinkling of snow. Layla, of course, insisted on going out to play as soon as she looked out the window. I was hesitant, as it literally was a sprinkling... and I knew it would mostly mean rolling around in the cold mud and tracking it all back into the apartment after about 20 minutes. However, I couldn't resist the look in her eyes (she's really good at that puppy eyes thing) and I highly doubt she'll get another opportunity to play in the snow this winter. I bundled the girls and myself up, and out we went!
Tesla wasn't quite sure what to make of the stuff- so she mostly ended up just eating it. 
I didn't have any snow attire in Tesla's size... so I had to just put her in one of Layla's old snowsuits and jackets. She was just like Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story! As soon as I sat her down she just kinda plopped over and couldn't do much about it. 
Snow Angels! 
She looks like a fat pink caterpillar. 
She kept just sticking her tongue out and feeling the cool air, I couldn't stop laughing at her! 
Layla thought the icicles hanging off the cars were so neat- she even insisted on keeping this one "for Daddy." It's still in our freezer!  
Mommy and the snow bunnies! 
Layla saw Tesla eating the snow and figured she should try it too, just in case it was really tasty.
I'm glad I gave in and took them out... even though it was short-lived, they had so much fun and coming inside to hot cocoa and a warm bath just made it even better. Sometimes it's difficult for me to get over my anxieties and just GET OUT of the house, but I'm usually glad when I do. This was definitely one of those times! 


  1. Your little snow angels are too precious! You have a beautiful family

  2. I swear...your girls are just too cute!