Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I Wore: Tickled Pink!

My submission for this week's link up on Rachele's blog. I am proud of my size!

vintage dress - thrifted
shoes - belonged to my momma
necklace - flea market
earrings - flea market

I'm so thrilled to death about this dress! I picked it up at the Salvation Army about a month ago, though I couldn't wear it right away (my post-baby boobage was a little too, ahem, boobalicious). It's still a bit snug in the bosoms but I think it must have been made for someone not quite as curvy as me. It fits so perfectly aside from that, and it's so flattering! And anything that's nursing accessible is a super huge plus. 

My shoes belonged to my mom in the 70's. I don't wear them very often because while they're awesome and match with everything, I have a hard time wearing shoes that are even the slightest bit pointed. My "had none" toe on the right foot always ends up getting smooshed for some odd reason. In fact, I ended up switching to sandals not long after I had snapped these pictures. I usually don't even like to wear anything other than sandals unless it's freezing out, I pretty much ALWAYS have hot feet, yuck! 

My necklace and earrings were snagged from the local flea market. They're both antique and in spectacular condition. I don't often wear the necklace because I'm so afraid of it getting hurt, which is something I wish I could get over... I'm not a materialistic person but I am really overprotective of my "stuff." I love these earrings, they're those nifty old-fashioned ones that screw on instead of clips. I have pierced ears but these are just so nifty! And they're actually really comfortable because you don't have to screw them on tight for them to stay put and I don't know about everyone else, but if I wear clip-ons, they don't stay on long because they start to pinch so bad! >_<

Hope everyone has a fantastic 4th tomorrow! I'm excited to see all the patriotic outfits I know will be floating around the blogosphere. I know I have mine all planned out already- and the girls have matching dresses JUST for tomorrow! Not that we'll be doing anything terribly important, I plan to stay in the AC as much as possible, it's going to be a scorcher tomorrow! 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe! I'm built very much the same way and am always having troubles with dresses fitting the bosoms post baby. The dress does really look like a perfect 10 on you though. You daughter is such a sweetie pie as well. Lovely accessories and loverly pics. Enjoy your 4th of July! xx Marisa

  2. I love that dress. These pictures of you look like they came right out of the 60s. So pretty!

  3. Cute outfit! I love the flowery pattern on your dress, it really suits summer! :)


  4. You look great, Aarika! Nice outfit and accessories - your combos never cease to please ;-)

  5. That dress is too adorable! Love the cut and pink floral print

  6. I am in love with the floral print on your dress! Thanks for participating <3

  7. your bangs and this dress, i am in love ! heartandthrift.blogspot.com