Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I Wore: Black & Grey Snow Day

pea coat - Old Navy
infinity scarf - gift from my sis-in-law
fingerless gloves - Target
gray cardi - found
vintage dress - thrifted
gray over the knee socks - H&M
wellies - Target
bag - yard sale
bug brooch - yard sale

I've been making a bigger effort lately to actually attempt to look fashionable again. I wore this to a housewarming party, and we had a babysitter, so I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a dress! I know that's weird, but when you have to nurse a baby every few hours or so, a dress is usually not an option. I have a pretty great collection of brooches and I don't actually wear them as often as I should. I scored this one in a bag of assorted jewelry at a yard sale and thought it was pretty unique. It's unfortunately missing a wing but I don't think it's terribly obvious. It was so, so cold this day- I actually had fleece-lined tights under my socks! I've been skipping the hair straightener lately, what do you guys think? Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


  1. It's nice to have a chance to pop on a dress and pretty yourself up, isn't it?! You look luffly!

  2. You look great. I can completely relate to just about everything you said, the being fashionable again thing, nursing, and the times it's nice to 'dress up'. I love your brooch!

    1. It really is nice to break out of those sweatpants and tshirts! :) Thanks!

  3. Lovely outfit :)